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Favero: Italian Artisanry

by 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry September 18, 2013

The Origins of Artisanry

While Favero’s history may be brief compared to the other premiere jewelers of our time, the House of Favero lineage is rooted in rich tradition, thanks to its origins in Italy's Bassano del Grappa region. Celebrated historically for gold, this area was the birthplace of Palladio and Canova, and has provided inspiration to countless other Renaissance artists over the centuries. When Mariano Favero began making jewelry here, he joined the tradition of artisanry for which Bassano del Grappa is known. His craft has been uniquely informed by the generations that went before.

A Natural Balance

Favero’s artistry flows from a unique understanding of the interplay between light and form; the result are pure and creative silhouettes with sublime appeal. And while the House of Favero is celebrated for attributes of discipline, balance and power, perhaps what is most striking about these pieces is their bold and brilliant use of color.

Captivating Colors

Looking at the Favero collection is like looking at an old film converted to Technicolor: these pieces are vibrant and alive in an entirely new way, with blissful hues balanced against the pureness of white gold.

Favero pieces are anything but shrinking violets, unless you count this magnificent Favero Pink Sapphire & Diamond Dome Ring, which provides an irresistible burst of color sure to dazzle and delight its wearer, as well as her captive audience. The opalescent appeal of prehnite, meanwhile, achieves an unexpected multi-layered effect in the Favero Prehnite & Diamond Ring, while the gentle glow of moonstone is elegantly displayed in the Favero Oval Moonstone & Diamond Ring. But Favero’s blue hues don’t stop here: the spectrum is covered from the pale and pretty with the Favero Aquamarine Diamond Cocktail Ring to the incomparable depth and richness of the Sapphire Eternity Band.

From the contrast between verdant oval tourmaline and diamonds in the Favero Oval Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings and the Favero Tourmaline & Diamond Ring to the rich red rubies of the Favero Ruby & Diamond Ring and the Favero Ruby & Diamond Crown Ring, Favero’s use of color knows no bounds; each piece is a chromatic confection, sure to brighten any spirit or room, and add the perfect finishing touch to jeans and a tee or cocktail attire.

Few things in the world are black and white, and while our vision can at times be obscured by shades of gray, we far prefer Favero’s take: the ability to see things only in the most breathtaking of colors.


66mint Fine Estate Jewelry
66mint Fine Estate Jewelry


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