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So Many Studs, So Little Time

by 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry October 03, 2013

The Choice of It Girls Everywhere (And Everywhen)

From yesterday’s style icons to today’s "it girls", studs have timeless appeal. Try to picture Audrey Hepburn wearing anything other than her pearl studs, and you just may come up blank. Hepburn’s choice was the perfect match for her charm and grace, and modern-day Holly Golightlys can make a similar signature statement today. Worn with a black turtleneck and skinny jeans, or for a formal night on the town, stud earrings are elegance personified. For a modern update on Hepburn’s classic look, check out 66mint’s Bezel Set Pearl Earrings, a contemporary design that winsomely winks at past.

Two new girls on the scene have recently made a showing in studs. Hollywood sweetheart Zoey Deschanel worked the Emmy red carpet last fall in her trademark retro style, thanks in no small part to a glittering pair of diamond studs. Leah Dunham claimed her statues in a different yet equally gorgeous set of sparklers. While their Emmy night looks couldn’t have been more different--Deschanel in a frothy, seafoam green confection, and Dunham in structured black lace--both made a big impression. During last fall’s pre-Oscars award season, meanwhile, Anne Hathaway red carpet-hopped in a series of face-framing stud stunners, while Hayden Panettiere, Keira Knightley and a pretty parade of others have also recently sought out studs, from Asscherprincessemerald and round cuts to brightly colored options like pink sapphire to blue topaz.

Studs: The Next Generation

If you’re looking for a totally of-the-moment way to wear studs, get ready for a case of more is more. Vogue recently encouraged fashionistas to defy tradition by embracing uncoupling when it comes to studs. If you’re willing to give mixing-and-matching a go, stick to these three Vogue commandments: forego symmetry, wear the largest piece at the bottom, and let go of fashion fear. There’s no room for the timid when it comes to fashion, but there’s no commitment either: tomorrow’s a new day, and the perfect pair is just waiting to be discovered.

The key with achieving truly timeless stud style is to select fine pieces which will stand the test of time, regardless of size or style. Because while fashion trends come and go, good taste--and good studs--remains. Gift givers, too, can rejoice in the endless possibilities presented by these wardrobe winners. After all, stud earrings deliver the ultimate pair-adox: every girl needs at least one pair, but no girl can stop at just one.


66mint Fine Estate Jewelry
66mint Fine Estate Jewelry


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