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What is Estate Jewelry?

by 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry April 13, 2015

Estate jewelry is a term used to describe jewelry that has been previously owned and is a term commonly used in the secondary market. Labeling something as estate jewelry can pertain to all types of jewelry including watches and other items of personal adornment. Anything that has been owned by another party prior to the company or private individual currently selling a piece can be classified as estate jewelry. There is a common misconception that estate jewelry is synonymous with vintage or antique jewelry, but this is incorrect. Estate jewelry does not refer to a certain time period but simply means it has been previously owned.

While estate jewelry once filled up maybe a small case in a jewelry store, today there are entire stores dedicated to only selling estate jewelry. Many people have an affinity for estate jewelry due to the fact that every piece, no matter how old, has a history attached to it. We have come to appreciate the history and sometimes provenance that comes along with these often highly unusual and increasingly rare estate jewelry pieces. To contemplate the time, origin and circumstances that were required for a piece of jewelry to come to be, as well as the numerous hands it may have passed through, is exciting and amazing. The history and circumstances behind a piece of estate jewelry may not necessarily add value to an item, but they are none the less intriguing.

Whether you are buying or selling estate jewelry, the more information you can collect about a piece, the more valuable some buyers and sellers may find that piece to be. While some people love walking into a retail jewelry store like Tiffany and Cartier to find their newest treasure, many jewelry collectors, and even first time buyers, prefer to buy a piece of estate jewelry that has some history behind it, making it all the more special when giving it as a gift…or even when proposing with an estate jewelry engagement ring.

Should you be in the market for a piece of estate jewelry, or should you have estate jewelry to sell, please do not hesitate to contact 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry at 415.982.4402 or via email at info@66mint.com.


66mint Fine Estate Jewelry
66mint Fine Estate Jewelry


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