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Where to Buy Diamonds in San Francisco?

by 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry April 07, 2015

Getting engaged? Hit a milestone or finished a project and looking for a fabulous reward? Looking for an extra special gift that they’ll always remember? If you are looking to buy diamonds for any reason whatsoever, 66mint can help. Whether you are looking to buy a diamond in an Art Deco mounting or buy diamonds loose with a GIA report, 66mint can cover all your bases.

Having been the place to buy diamonds in San Francisco since 1912, 66mint can help you find the perfect diamond to fit your budget. Between our large loose diamond inventory and exquisite collection of mounted diamond jewelry, our selection and near wholesale pricing are beyond compare for those looking to buy diamonds in San Francisco.
Beyond selling diamonds to dealers and to the public, 66mint will also buy diamonds…from you. Have you inherited jewelry that you aren’t going to wear and would like to sell your diamonds? Do you want to get a fair market evaluation of what your diamonds might be worth? 66mint is the premier diamond buyer in San Francisco and is more than happy to make an appointment with you whether you are looking to buy diamonds or sell diamonds.

So if you’re in the market to buy diamonds in San Francisco, please consider 66mint. For those looking to buy diamonds online, view our collection at www.66mint.com. And if you’re looking to buy diamonds but don’t see anything on our website that fits what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at info@66mint.com or 415.982.4402 as we often have additional inventory that isn’t listed on the site. We also have the ability to source specific diamonds from our partners around the world for customers looking to buy diamonds that we currently do not have in stock.

66mint looks forward to serving you the next time you are in the market to buy diamonds.


66mint Fine Estate Jewelry
66mint Fine Estate Jewelry


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