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by 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry October 31, 2013

In a different world, Marina Bulgari might have been a lawyer or an advertising executive; perhaps she would have found a calling in medicine or architecture or sales. As the granddaughter of famed Italian jewelry master Sottiro Bulgari, however, Marina was destined to follow in his illustrious footsteps. In doing so, she forged a distinctive and brilliant path of her own.

A Heritage of Craftsmanship

Marina Bulgari got her start in the world of fine jewelry at her grandfather’s company. While she may have followed her father and grandfather into the business, she quickly proved herself as an emerging talent by creating some of the brand’s most sought-after pieces. After rising to the position of Head Designer, Marina left the company in the late 1970s to form her signature brand, Marina B.

On Her Own                                                      

Toiling passionately in studios in Paris and Italy, Marina made a big entrance into the fashion and fine jewelry scene with an epic succession of magnificent pieces which caught the eye of the world’s chicest tastemakers. Soon, everyone from celebrities to the society set was turning to Marina B for creative, elegant and ultra-lux pieces. Boutiques sprang up in the world’s hottest spots, including New York, London, Tokyo, Milan and Geneva, and fans of the line have included Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Grace, Julia Roberts and Sophia Loren.

Artisanry for the AgesMarina B pieces are admired for their embodiment of her unique vision, informed by an innate feel for scale, proportion and movement. Marina Bulgari’s university studies in art, architecture and mathematics helped hone these natural skills into bold and original design concepts integrating everything from gemstones to geometry. The world was Marina’s inspiration, and she found creative sparks everywhere from ancient mythology to contemporary object d’art and architecture. Today, her work is continued by Paul Lubetsky, who is building on her legacy of creating timeless, elegant and signature pieces for Marina B.

Own Your Own Marina B

Marina Bulgari spun her birthright into a legacy of her own, ensuring that extraordinary Bulgari craftsmanship will continue to make the world a more beautiful place for years to come. 66mint’s collection of Marina B pieces pays homage to the line’s rich tradition and bright future. The curvaceous two-tone earclips and the undeniably bold mother of pearl and mabe pearl ring and matching earclips deliver eye-catching impact, while the striking yellow and white gold Soroya ear clips put a modern spin on the classic stud. These fine jewelry pieces exemplify a striking display of color and contrast that is pure Marina B, while fierce curves, dynamic shapes and mixed metals achieve a look that is timelessly classic and entirely modern at the same time.

Whichever piece you choose, when you select a Marina B heirloom piece from 66mint’s Marina B collection, you are investing in a great tradition, as well as creating your own legacy.


66mint Fine Estate Jewelry
66mint Fine Estate Jewelry


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